Our Goals - Beijing MTR Corporation Limited

Our Goals


Based on the idea of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), facilitate diversified businesses, connect and promote community development with caring services, become a leading city operator in the world.


Provide safe, reliable, comfortable and convenient services, create a civilized and friendly travel environment, improve the quality of urban life, and make BJMTR the customer’s first choice. Encourage employees to learn and innovate, provide them opportunities to grow along with the company. Based on railway transportation construction and operation, realize sustainable development and provide good return on investment to shareholders.


Safety First

Mitigate foreseeable risks systematically and properly, safeguard the safety of public, client and staff. Possess enough knowledge and skill, secure the quality of work. Be abide by procedures, execute precisely according to the procedures, and let safe behavior become a habit.

Customer Focused

Be customer focused, actively foresee, listen to and response to the demand of client.

必威体育appKeep service commitment, exceed the expectation of customer.

Be professional at all the time, win the respect and trust of customers.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Pursue holistic interest of the company.

必威体育appBe goal targeted, break through tradition and convention, solve problem with innovative ideas.

Be cooperative to achieve synergy with staff’s complementary strength.

Can Do

Self-initiated with strong career ambition, stand for high standard professionalism.

Face challenge and be accountable, be good at solving problem with available resources to achieve the goal.

Establish close inter-trusted and cooperative working relationship with internal and external partners.



必威体育appMTR DNA plus Innovations in Local Management

  • PPP Model

  • LEAN Management

  • 必威体育appIntelligentized Management

  • Life Cycle Management
  • 必威体育appTalent Development Strategy

  • 必威体育appPromoting the TOD Model in Mainland China

必威体育appCreating a Modern Travel Space of the City

  • Humanized Services
  • 必威体育appProviding Enriched Travel Experience

  • Infusing Metro with Culture

  • Connecting Communities along Metro Lines

  • Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility
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